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Curio's - Neumann's KK50 capsule assembly - Early type K50 capsule


Small and simple

The early type capsule used a sputtered gold, on PVC diaphragm, of approx' 12.5 mm diameter. The circumference of the diaphragm almost laying flush with the outer face of the capsule case. Thus keeping any acoustical cavities, re the surface of the diaphragm, to a minimum.

Internally, the capsule was very straightforward in design. The backplate being a single piece of machined brass, rather than multiple layers of backplates as found in some designs.

The capsule, being a snug fit into the Plexiglass sphere, is locked in place by three grub screws set around the perimeter of the capsule mounting hole.

Electrical connections, in common with all K50 capsules, being a small pin protruding out of the front face of the capsule case and a pin protruding from the rear of the capsule.


"Early type" of the K50 capsule

Sectional views of "Early type" K50 type capsule
Note - For reasons of clarity, some fixing screws and hidden detail, is omitted.

Let us start by looking at "The Parts", that are utilized in the capsule assembly


Capsule case. The front face of the case, follows the same contour/radius as that of the Plexiglass sphere. Thus keeping the overall finished assembly, as spherical as possible

Sputtered gold on PVC diaphragm, approx' 12.5 mm diameter, factory mounted to the insulated, bakerlite type material, mount/carrier. When the capsule is assembled, this item carries the capsule backplate and associated lock nut

Backplate, manufactured from brass. Containing ninety-one (109) holes. Precession engineered, yet straightforward in design. Diaphragm to backplate gap being fully adjustable 

Brass fixing ring. Used to lock the capsule backplate in place, once the critical diaphragm to backplate gap is set

Insulated locating ring, manufactured from perspex type of material. Used to locate the capsule element, within the capsule case

Brass fixing ring. Used to hold the whole capsule element within the capsule case

Brass nut. Used to lock the backplate electrode pin into the backplate

Brass backplate electrode pick-up pin. Used to carry the electrical output of the capsule to the pick-up ring. See pick-up pin and nut together


Sectional view of parts inside an early K50 capsule


Sectional view of the above parts, assembled. to form the complete capsule. This is then fitted into the "Plexiglass" sphere assembly, to form the KK50, as we know it.


Sectional view of early type K50 capsule


Finally, a "Cut-away / Sectional" view of the "Early type" K50 capsule. Showing how all of the many components fit together. Being somewhat different to the design of the previous variants


"Cut-away / Sectional" view of a "Early type" K50 capsule


The KK50 assembly, complete with an early type capsule.

Further information about the whole KK50 assembly


The KK50 assembly, complete with early type capsule


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