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"Archive" - This (large) page contains a brief history of my interests in electronics, music and therefore sound recording. Together with pictures of equipment etc.

"Feedback" - Looking back on a "Local Band", made up from of a handful of pupils, and good friends, who attended Costessey Secondary Modern school. My first steps into the world of music and recording.

"Recording Sessions" - Various information, along with some pictures, of the musicians/recording sessions, equipment used, etc. My sincere apologies to anyone who I may have missed out.

"Recording Sessions - What Microphones used ?" - A "Closer" look at the microphones used, and their use, on some of my "Favorite" recording sessions.

"The Hi-Fi Section" - Being one of the many Hi-Fi fanatics of the 1970's, I felt it was only correct to mention something of the experiments that took place with various pieces of equipment around at that time.

"The Singing Postman" - This page takes a look at the very early recordings, together with some of the last recordings, from the late Allan Smethurst. Together with my association, during the re-release of some of the forgotten "Original" recordings


Further to the above, the "Index" section, contains many pictures of "Old" Recording and Hi-Fi equipment.

Please Note - The above pages, could take quite some time to open