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Curio's - Neumann's KK50 capsule assembly - Later type K50 capsule


Up-to-date materials

As time moved on, so diaphragm material and design was changed. Moving away from Aluminum foil, towards the more predicable and reliable gold sputtered Mylar film. New capsules were manufactured to replace the earlier designs. Therefore various examples can be found in the KK50 capsule assembly.

The later type of the KK50 capsule assembly, utilised a capsule very similar to that used on the later KM53, and KM63, miniature Omni directional valve microphones. Which are themselves very similar capsules to those used on the KM73 and KM83 FET type microphones.

Capsules types being KK** i.e. An M50 uses a KK50 capsule assembly etc.

Electrical connections, in common with all K50 capsules, being a small pin protruding out of the front face of the capsule case and a pin protruding from the rear of the capsule.


"Later type" of the K50 capsule

Sectional views of "Later type" K50 type capsule
Note - For reasons of clarity, some fixing screws and hidden detail, is omitted.

Let us start by looking at "The Parts", that are utilized in the capsule assembly


Capsule case

Protective stainless steel mesh

Gold sputtered diaphragm and mount assembly, factory assembled

Insulating spacing ring, factory fitted to the primary backplate

Primary backplate, manufactured from alloy material

Insulated backplate locating pins

Secondary backplate, manufactured from alloy material

Insulated locating ring

Brass fixing ring, used to hold the capsule components together

Brass backplate electrode pick-up pin


Sectional view of parts inside a later K50 capsule


Sectional view of the above parts, assembled. to form the complete capsule. This is then fitted into the "Plexiglass" sphere assembly, to form the KK50, as we know it.


Sectional view of 2nd type K50 capsule


Finally, a "Cut-away / Sectional" view of the "Later type" K50 capsule. Showing how all of the many components fit together. Being somewhat different to the design of the previous variants


"Cut-away / Sectional" view of a "Late version" K50 capsule


The KK50 assembly, complete with a later type capsule.

Further information about the whole KK50 assembly


The KK50 assembly, complete with later type capsule


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