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AKG's 2072 Z 0005 capsule

"Teflon" capsule, and predecessors, as used in later C414EB etc.....

AKG's 2072 Z 0009 capsule

The "Teflon" recreation of the CK12 capsule, used in C414B-TLII and C12VR

AKG's "Brass" CK12 capsule

What makes this capsule such a legend ?

AKG's CK26 & CK28 capsules

Forerunners of the CK2 (Omni) and CK1 (Cardioid) capsules.

Calrec, some "Old Favourites"

A look at some of their "Semiconductor" classic's, designed to suit all pockets.

Calrec, the "Valve" years

Some historical "Background" about this truly "Great" British manufacturer

Elam microphones

Who made the famous "Elam" microphones ?

Neumann's crystal ball

The "Plexiglass" sphere, and more. Inside the magical M50 microphone

"Poor Man's" Elam

A cheaper, possible, alternative to the Ela M250/251

"Practical Research" file of Mike Skeet

"Papers" from the pen of Mike Skeet, reviewer/sound recording .....

Story of the AKG C414

A trip through time, from the "Famous" C12 to the present (2005) C414-xls

The U47 - U 87 series

A look at the various models in the range

What about the AKG C24

C24 = 2 x C12 ...... ?   Back to School

What valve, in what microphone

Just that. A look at what valves are used in various microphones.



Pages of (hopefully) interesting facts/information, with additional pictures/details.