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Products - Power Supply Units


VP series   

(Available Until Stocks Are Depleted)

The extensive VP range of "Valve Microphone" power supply unit's. Offering power supply unit's such as the "Compact" VP-120/6 (Shown far Left), suitable for the AKG C28, through to the "Versatile" VP-120/4-RS (Shown far Right), suitable for the Neumann SM69, etc. 

The LT (valve heater) supply, is both "Current regulated" and "Over-voltage" protected, thus helping to obtain maximum valve life. The HT (valve anode and capsule polarizing) supply is fully smoothed and suitably regulated. These functions are accurately carried out, without "Over the top design" as found in some bulky units currently available, therefore reduced size and increased reliability is guaranteed.

All components are of the highest quality and generously "Over rated" to ensure "Long term" reliability. 

The mains transformer is custom built to obtain the "Correct" working voltages / conditions. Each PSU is shipped to suite your local mains supply voltage.

"Custom" VP type power supply unit's, for rare/obscure microphones, are designed and built as required.

Find a PSU for your "Valve" Microphone(s)

VP-120/6, VP-210/6, VP-120/4-R and VP-120/4-RS


SP series   

(No Longer Available)

Designed for powering those older "Semiconductor", FET, type microphones that were not designed to work on Phantom Power, such as the examples shown (Upper to Lower), Fairchild F22, Neumann KM76, Calrec CM652 and Sennheiser MKH405. 

Again, most models/makes of semiconductor microphones are catered for.

As with the VP series of power supplies. For rare/obscure microphones, "Custom" SP type power supply unit's are designed and built as required.



Non-phantom powered microphones with SP type PSU


PCL3 - "Phantom Conversion Lead" for the Calrec 600 series   

(Available Until Stocks Are Depleted)

A "Phantom Conversion Lead", that enables the Calrec 600 series microphones to operate from +48v Phantom power, over conventional "Balanced" cables, is now available.

Owners of Calrec 600 series microphones, will be only too aware of the microphone's special powering arrangements i.e. a separate +48v feed, together with the un-balanced audio output.

This lead solves all those problems.

Supplied in the "Standard" length of 3 Mtr's.

Calrec 600 series microphone with PCL3 lead

Price, PCL3 - 50.00 GBP

The above price includes delivery and insurance within the EU. (Delivery and Insurance "Outside" of the EU, at cost)

Pick &  Mix series  

(No Longer Available)

Customized "Pick & mix" type power supply unit's are also available. Such as the VP-6/120/4-R, shown in the picture, supplied to Tony Falkuneer of Greenroom Productions. These units, allow up to six microphones, of various types / combinations, to be catered for in a single 2U 19" Rack Mountable / Freestanding power supply housing. With individual Power On/Off switch and mains fuse for each microphone connected to the unit. Thus, the power supply units can be used singularly, or in any combination, as required by the user.


Custom PSU type VP-6/120/4-R

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All of the above mains power supply units, are designed to operate on mains feeds of between 90 ~ 250 Volts AC, internally adjustable via taps on the mains transformer. Therefore, all "Missing Link" PSU's will work in the majority of countries around the world. To reduce the possibility of "Earth Loops", an "Earth Lift" switch is also fitted to each separate microphone circuit, inserted between Pin 1 of the "Audio Out" and the "0v/Earth Rail" of the PCB. All units are "Fully Earthed" to the metal casework, via a three core mains lead/socket.


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