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(No Longer Available)

The RMB-2021 is a very high quality, valve version, of the "Calrec" CB20 and CB21 microphone body (electronics). As that used in the "Calrec" 2000 and 2100 series microphones.

Designed around the "Low Noise" ML-1955 valve, working as a "Cathode Follower". The output matching transformer is mounted inside of the microphone body, rather than the associated PSU, as is found in many other designs.

Fully compatible with capsules from the "Calrec" 2000 and 2100 series microphones, also capsules from the earlier "Calrec", internally powered, 700 series microphones.

Specifically designed for those musicians and engineers who already own Calrec 700, 2000 and 2100 series microphones, searching for that "Something Extra" ..... only obtainable from valve technology.

The RMB-2021 comes complete with the associated PSU and Microphone Cable ..... you just supply the capsule(s).

RMB-2021, "Design and Construction"


RMB-2021, with an associated capsule   (Larger Pictures)


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