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Modifications - AKG C24 (Electronics) to C24 S-02

(Available Until Stocks Are Depleted)


Lower "Self Noise" and increase "LF extension"

By changing "Specific" components, it is possible to greatly "Lower the self noise" and "Extend the LF response" of a "Standard" AKG C24 mk1 or mk2 microphone.

The most important change being that of replacing the 6072 (12AY7) valve with a pair of dedicated "Low Noise" single triode type valves. Together with a few other component changes, this gives the microphone a much lower "Self Noise" figure. Through the careful choice of valve used, then the HF response is also less "Tiresome", and much "Sweeter" sounding, when compared to that of a "Standard" AKG C24 microphone.

The CK12 capsules, as used in the C24, are capable of giving excellent results. Their LF response extending well down to just a few hertz. However, due to the design of the "Standard" C24, the LF response is "Rolled Off" somewhat earlier then required for many applications. Through careful component changes, the LF response can be "Safely" extended by nearly a full octave.

  AKG C24 mk1

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Note - The price quoted covers the cost of "All Parts and Labour" to "Modify" both the electronics of a "Standard" C24 microphone, and to re-calibrate the associated N24 PSU. Any existing faults will incur additional work and costs as required.


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