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Modifications - Neumann U87 (Electronics)

(Available Until Stocks Are Depleted)


"Cleaner" sound, to the early U87's

Early Neumann U87's are very sought after by many recording engineers. The reason for this, is probably to do with the "Specific" quality of sound, that is not found in the later versions produced.

For those engineers who would like a "Cleaner" sound to their early U87's, without loosing the inherent charm and character, then this "Up-grade" is most beneficial.

So, without changing the design of the circuit in anyway i.e. with just a handful of component changes, the early U87's can be given a lease of new life. Allowing the sound to "Breath" and enabling the engineer to capture the most delicate, intimate, detail possible.

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  Inside an "Up-graded" U87

Note - The facility for battery powering and the "Battery Tray", is discarded during this "Up-grade", to allow sufficient space for some of the "Up-graded" components.


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