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Modifications - AKG "The Tube" and C12VR (Electronics)

(Available Until Stocks Are Depleted)


Conversion to "Original" C12 working

The AKG C12 was a great sounding microphone. However, they are becoming increasing scarcer to find, and when they are available, they fetch many thousands of pounds.

AKG's "The Tube" and it's successor, the C12VR, together with their associated PSU's, are ideal candidates for conversion back to "Original" C12 working.

Cosmetically AKG's "The Tube" and C12VR are of "Similar" size and appearance to the C12. Alas both being a different colour.

The colour, of a modified unit, can be "Customised" to the clients own specific requirements.


Note - AKG's more modern "Solid Tube", is not ideally suitable for conversion to C12 working.


AKG "The Tube"

The 2 PCB's, within "The Tube" or C12VR microphone, both require considerable component changes and modification. Thus making the "Modified" microphone electronically identical, to the "Original" C12 unit.

The associated PSU and Cable also require modifications, to allow the microphone to work as an "Original" C12.

The capsule used in the "Original" C12 is no longer available. However AKG produce a modern day version of the CK12 capsule. This is used in the C12VR and C414B-TL11.

During modification, there are two Capsule options available. Either, fit the modern "Replacement" type capsule OR fit a SATURN SOUND "Re-built" CK12 capsule.

Price, please contact

Note - The price quoted covers the cost of  "Modifying / Rebuilding" the electronics of a C12VR microphone / PSU. Using the existing capsule.


One of the "Modified" PCB assemblies

Capsule Facts and Possibilities

The "Brass" capsule used in the "Original" C12 is no longer available. However, AKG produce a modern day "Teflon" version of the "Brass" CK12 capsule. This is not to be confused with the early "Teflon" types as used in later C414EB's etc.


C12VR - This is already fitted with the modern "Teflon" version of the CK12 capsule - Type 2072 Z 0009.

"The Tube" - This is fitted with the early "Teflon" version of the CK12 capsule - Type 2072 Z 0005.


Therefore, during modification of the "The Tube", the capsule should really be changed to that used in the C12VR type, to obtain a more satisfactory result. 

Please ask for further details and prices.


In either of the above modifications, then a "Good" second-hand "Brass" CK12 capsule, or re-skinned capsule, could always be used to add the finishing touch to the modification and help capture the original C12 sound. 

Please ask for availability and prices.


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