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Modifications - Neumann M50, "Decca" FET type (Electronics)

(Available Until Stocks Are Depleted)


"Retro" Conversion

Decca recording studios (London) converted many of their Neumann M50 microphones to FET circuitry. Enabling the microphones to work on standard +48v phantom desks. It really goes without saying, these "Modified" microphones never sounded quite like the valve originals.

Decca sold off much of their "Old" equipment, throughout their working years. Therefore, there appears to be "quite a few" of these FET M50 microphones available on the second-hand market.

A "Retro" conversion is available, which reverts the microphone back to valve working. The conversion involves the complete rebuild of the microphones electronics. Fitting of a new PCB, together with a full set of components. Plus the addition of an associated power supply.

  The new PCB, as fitted during a "Retro" conversion

The specification of the M50, after a "Retro" conversion, will be to the same standard, or better, then the models suffixed by the letter c i.e. the M50c. The improvements being, slightly less noise from the electronics and an extended bottom end response. After the "Retro" conversion has taken place, then the Neumann M50, is totally compatible with the original lead/power supply combination.

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Note - It should be emphasized, that any valve microphone should only be used with it's own associated power supply. As the power supply LT, filament voltage, should be "Calibrated" for the microphone to be used with it, thus avoiding premature damage to the valve filament through over heating.

  Inside a Neumann M50, after a "Retro" modification

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