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RV-14m   [Specification] [Customer Feedback]

The RV-14m valve, is the ideal replacement for the "Obsolete" Telefunken VF14m, as used in the famous Neumann U47 / U48 microphones.

Being of the same physical size and appearance to the original Telefunken VF14m, the RV-14m is a direct "Plug-in" replacement. Provided that the microphone, lead and PSU combination, is in "Original" condition, then no electrical modifications are required -  Please see "Guarantee"

Each valve is rigorously tested at various stages of production and carries it's own "Unique" serial number.

RV-14m, "Design and Construction" .


RV-14m Valve

Price, RV-14m valve - 260.00 GBP
The above price includes delivery and insurance within the EU. (Delivery and Insurance "Outside" of the EU, at cost)
PLEASE NOTE - Each RV-14m is "Guaranteed for 1 year", from the date Invoiced. However, the use of any RV-14m in a modified microphone / PSU combination, that has not been electrically approved by SATURN SOUND Recording Services, will "Invalidate the Guarantee".
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"Non Standard" U47 / U48's etc.

In cases where electrical modifications have taken place, to the microphone e.g. a non-standard valve type is fitted etc, then a suitable "Retro" modification is available. Thus taking the microphone back to it's original "Neumann" design/circuit.

Technical "Comparisons" between the RV-14m and VF14 valves
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Technical "Comparisons" between the RV-14m and VF14 valves
Test RV-14m VF14
"Gain" @ 1kHz +2.5 dB 0 dB
"Self Noise", measured 30Hz-20kHz -9 dB 0 dB
"Lower" -2 dB point, ref' to 0dB @ 1kHz 51 Hz 42 Hz
"Upper" -2 dB point, ref' to 0dB @ 1kHz 35 kHz 37 kHz
The above measurements were taken using a "Original" Neumann U47 body / pre-amp and NG type power supply.
The "Test" signal was applied via a 75pF capacitor, to simulate the capacitance of the KK47 capsule.
The VF14 used during the above testing, was the "Best One" out of a collection of 9 valves. Some being " NOS / As New" spares, the rest currently in use in my collection of U47 / U48 microphones.
Customer Feedback
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Customer Feedback

"Thanks firstly for such quick delivery of your RV-14m valve.  It was a very simple swap for the VF14m currently in my U47. ..... you have done a remarkable job with this valve.  It is slighter brighter than the VF14m and does not I feel lose out in having a tighter bottom end.  It reminds me somewhat of the difference between the original M269 and M269C"

Dermot Rooney

"..... the overall sound is the classic 47 ....."

Sphere Studios, London

" It is really remarkable how closely it sounds to the VF-14. The only difference I could tell, was a SLIGHT extension on the top end, that sounds even better than it did before !!!! ..... the Microphone noise is lower as well "

Mike Bridges, Germantown Studio, Nashville

" Initial thoughts are very positive. It sounded very similar, almost identical to my other U47 with a VF14 "

Dennis Weinreich, Videosonics Cinema Sound, London

" We have previously purchased a RV-14m valve from you. It is absolutely fantastic ! "

Marcus, Visual Sound, Sweden

" Just received your tube (RV-14m) and tried it, outstanding quality zero noise very good definition"

Alex, Sounds Nice, Portugal


In response to the above comments

The extension in the HF and the tighter LF is due to the fact that the RV-14m valve is new.

The VF14 being replaced could well be 50 years old or more, and therefore will be have mellowed somewhat through many years of use. The RV-14m will do likewise.

These differences are much like the tonal qualities found in valve power amplifiers when new valves are fitted.


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