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Modifications - AKG C24 (Electronics) to C24 S-01

(Available Until Stocks Are Depleted)


"Self Noise" to Telefunken Ela M250/251 specification

Conversion of the electronics, both in the microphone and associated power supply unit, to AC701k working. Thus giving the modified C24, the excellent "Low Noise/Tonal" characteristics of the "Telefunken" ela M250 / M251 microphones, that use the AC701 type valve. Indeed, the modified C24 is much like the very rare "Telefunken" ela M270, that uses the 6072 type valve (as in the standard AKG C24), only somewhat "Quieter" through the use of AC701 valves. 

For many recording engineers, the standard AKG C24 is often criticised for it's, brashness or harshness in the "Top-end" response. The modification to AC701k working, sweetens the "Top-end" response of the microphone considerably. Thus making the microphone far more suitable, for a wider spectrum of recording applications.

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Note - As it is becoming increasingly more difficult, and expensive, to obtain "Useable" AC701k valves, then please consider using my other modification, type C24 S-02.

  AKG C24 mk1

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