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Services - Microphone Repair and Restoration


SATURN SOUND Recording Services, specialize in the "Repair and Restoration of Valve Microphones" of any make or manufacturer, together with their associated components i.e Power supplies and leads, etc

Appointed service agent for Soundelux and Calrec microphones.

Also, servicing some makes of semiconductor (FET) capacitor type Microphones e.g. AKG C414 etc.

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"No Charge" for an Examination and Quote.  

Just the cost of return delivery and insurance - Contact.

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C12, U47, U67, M50 and C12a
A range of "Replacement" power supplies is also available.
Not forgetting the RV-14m valve. A direct "Plug-in" replacement, for the "Obsolete" VF14. As used in the U47/48 microphones.
Preventive Maintenance

The "Capsule", is one of the most important, and expensive, components in a microphone. If a capsule is left contaminated for many years, then corrosion will "Breakdown" the gold sputtering, or other material, on the diaphragm. This will shorten the life expectancy, of the capsule, by many years.

Therefore, especially in a busy studio environment, it is recommended that microphone capsule's are checked, and cleaned if required, at least every 2 years (Depending upon use). Thus, not allowing any harmful "Contamination", to build up on the diaphragm.

Cleaning capsules is a very delicate and skilled procedure. If not carried out correctly, utilizing the correct materials, then a capsule can be irreparably damaged very easily and quickly !

  U87a capsule, "Before" and "After" cleaning.

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