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  H Hammond, valve microphone M100 See Picture See Inside See Advert Spec' Distributors
    Harry Beckett Musician   Session Info'    
    HHB, mini-disc recorder MDP 500 See Picture Reference    
    Hi-Fi My own interest ..... Hi-Fi Section      
    Hi-Fi Answers, 1975 T' Line Loudspeakers   Reference Design  
    Hi-Fi News, 1966, September Front Cover See Picture Reference    
    Hi-Fi News, 1968, July Unipivot pick-up arm   Reference Design 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  
    Hi-Fi News, 1970, February Gimbal mounted arm   Reference Design 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  
    Hi-Fi News, 1979, December Moving coil pre-amp' See Circuit Reference    
    Hiller, NWDR, valve microphone M59 See Picture See Inside    
    HMV, EMI, ribbon microphone 235 See Picture      
    Homemade, aerial (Band II) Various See Picture Reference    
    Homemade, aerial rotator In loft Space See Sketch Reference Other Rotators  
    Homemade, FET microphone Crystal type See Circuit See Mic' Insert Design Session Info'
    Homemade, FET microphone Capacitor type See Picture Session Info'    
    Homemade, loudspeakers In Alcove's See Picture Reference    
    Homemade, loudspeakers Transmission Line See Picture Reference Design  
    Homemade, mixer 8-2   Reference    
    Homemade, pick-up arm Gimbal Design   Reference Design  
    Homemade, pick-up arm Unipivot Design See Picture Reference Design  
    Homemade, pre-amplifier Microphone type     See Circuit  
    Homemade, pre-amplifier Moving Coil type See Picture Reference See Circuit  
    Homemade, valve microphone Nuvistor type See Picture Session Info'    
    Homemade, valve microphone Original See Picture See Inside History  
    Homemade, valve power amplifier - Mono QUAD 11 See Picture Hi-Fi use Feedback design  
    Homemade, valve power amplifier - Stereo 2x QUAD 11 See Picture Studio use Hi-Fi use  
    Homemade, valve pre-amplifier Moving Coil type     See Circuit  
    Homemade, valve pre-amplifier (Disc) Passive RIAA EQ     See Circuit  
    Horn acoustics Article - circa 1967 Find      
    Horn loudspeaker design Article - circa 1974 Find      
    Horn loudspeaker system (Concrete) DIY Design - circa 1967 Find      
    Horn loudspeakers Article - circa 1982 Find      
    How Multiplex works Article - circa 1969 Find      

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