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  G GPO/BT, British Telecom Apprenticeship Reference GPO Van    
    GPO/BT, Receiver Type 4T See Picture Reference    
    Garrard, music recovery module SR101 See Picture      
    Garrard, turntable/transcription motor 401   Reference Review  
    Gerry Welsh Vocalist   Session Info'    
    Geoff Howlett Musician See Picture Session Info'    
    Gefell, Neumann, microphones Neumann Gefell Find      
    Gefell, FET microphone UM70        
    Gefell, valve microphone UM92        
    Gilbert Grover Percussionist   Session Info'    
    Goldring-Lenco, turntable G99 Advert Review    
    Goldring-Lenco, turntable & arm GL75 See 1, 2, 3, 4 Reference Mod' 1, 2 Modified Unit
    Grace Manufacturing Powder Coating See Picture   Ref' RMB-2021 Link to Website
    Graham Bateman BT Colleague See Picture Reference    
    Graham Platt Long Time Friend   Ref' 1, 2    
    Grampian Microphones Advert      
    Grampian, dynamic microphone DP2 See Picture      
    Grampian, dynamic microphone DP4 See Picture      
    Grampian, ribbon microphone GR1 See Picture      
    Greenroom Productions Recording Services   Reference    
    Groove Tubes, valve microphone GT66 See Picture See Inside See Capsule  
    Groove Tubes (Alesis / GT), microphones Alesis / GT Find      

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