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  P P.E.C.L.A, Valve compressor/EQ unit 1-Vv See Picture      
    Paul Butler (Feedback) Bass Guitarist   The Band Reference Homemade Guitar
    Peak Sound, amplifier modules PA.25-15 Reference      
    Pearl Mikrofonlab Microphones Find      
    Peerless, capacitor microphone MBC 540 See Similar Review See Also  
    Peluso Microphone Lab 22 47LE See Picture See Inside See Capsule PSU, Inside PSU
    Pete', Peter Berrisford (Rainforest) Pianist See Picture Session Info'    
    Peter Gould Singer   Session Info'    
    Peter Harradine BT Colleague   Reference    
    Peter King Quintet Jazz Quintet   Session Info'    
    PH, Phil' Panis (The Silver Eagle Band) Guitarist See Picture Session Info'    
    Phil, Philip Brooke Musician / Teacher See Picture Session Info' Reference  
    Phil', Philip Green (Mischief Band) Bass Guitarist See Pic' 1, 2 Session Info'    
    Philips Microphones Advert      
    Philips, valve microphone EL 6050 See Picture See Capsule    
    Philips, valve microphone EL 6052 See Picture See Similar    
    Philips, valve microphone LBB 9060 / LBB 9061 See Picture Inside 1, 2 Logo, Similar Ref', Con' Mod'
    Pioneer, Stereo Amplifier SA-8100 See Picture Reference Circuit Diagram  
    Pioneer, Stereo Cassette Tape Deck CTF-7171 See Picture Reference    
    Pioneer, Stereo tuner TX-9100 See Picture Ref' 1, 2 Circuit Diagram  
    PML, Milab, FET microphone DC-73 See Picture See Inside Find Milab  
    PML, Milab, FET microphone DC-96 See Picture See Inside Find Milab  
    PML, Milab, FET microphone EC-71 See Picture See PSU    
    Power Supplies, for FET microphones Replacement units Information      
    Power Supplies, for valve microphones Replacement units Information Cross Ref'    
    Post Office Telephones Demonstration Record See Picture Reference    
    Practical Electronics, 1968, November Hi-Fi Microphone See Circuit See Inside Making it Session Info'
    Practical Electronics, 1969 IC Stereo Amplifier   Reference    
    Pre-amplifier Noise Article - circa 1969 Find      
    Private Language Rock Band   Session Info'    
    Prototype, valve compressor VC-931, prototype See Picture      
    Prototype, valve microphone VM-951, prototype See Picture See Inside Information  
    Pultec, valve equalizer EQP-1A3 See Picture      

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