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  C Cadenza, ribbon microphone Ribbon See Picture In Box See Advert  
    Calrad, dynamic microphone DM-17 See Picture      
    Calrec, Dynamic microphone CM450     Reference  
    Calrec, FET microphone CM11 See Picture   Reference  
    Calrec, FET microphone CM15 See Picture See Similar Reference  
    Calrec, FET microphone CM20 See Picture   Reference  
    Calrec, FET microphone CM600 series See Picture See Inside Reference  
    Calrec, FET microphone CM700 series See Picture See Inside Reference  
    Calrec, FET microphone CM1000 series See Picture See Inside Reference  
    Calrec, FET microphone CM1050 See Picture Inside Early Inside Later  
    Calrec, FET microphone CM2000 series See Picture See Inside Reference  
    Calrec, FET microphone CM2100 series See Picture See Inside Reference  
    Calrec, FET microphones History   Information    
    Calrec, soundfield microphone AMS Find      
    Calrec, soundfield microphone CM4050 See Picture See Inside    
    Calrec, soundfield microphone CM4050 mk4 See Picture See Inside Capsule Cluster Control Unit
    Calrec, soundfield microphone Soundfield Find      
    Calrec, valve microphones History   Information    
    Calrec, phantom powering for 600 series Conversion Lead See Picture Information    
    Cambridge Audio, loudspeakers R50 See Advert Reference    
    Camera Sextet Jazz Sextet See Picture Session Info'    
    Capsule Jig Reg' Williamson's See Picture      
    Card D, sound card Digital Only See Picture      
    Cardage Ltd Screen Printers See Picture   Ref' RV-14m  
    Casio, DAT recorder DA-7 See Picture Reference Session Info'  
    CCD, valve limiter LA-1D See Picture See Inside    
    Celestion, loudspeakers Ditton 44 See Picture Reference Advert 1, 2  
    Celestion, TV sound "Pick-up" Telefi - ED10 See Picture Promo' Ad' See Advert See Instrucutions
    Chase the Ace Jazz / Rock Band   Session Info' Promo' Picture  
    Chris', Christopher Mortimer (Mischief Band) Guitarist See Picture Session Info'    
    Chris', Christopher Taylor Musician See Picture Session 1, 2    
    Circuit Diagrams Various Find      
    City Music, Anglian Music (Tony Palmer) Record Label Old Label Ref' 1, 2, 3 Singing Postman Link to Website
    Clare Palmer Harmony Vocals See Picture Session Info'    
    Cleaving Heevage's plus support Jazz/Swing Group See Picture Session Info' Promo' Picture Link to Website
    Cliff Cooper Engineer   Reference    
    Clive Rust (Feedback) Drummer   The Band Reference  
    Coles, audio transducers All Items Find      
    Colin Brady (Rainforest) Percussionist See Picture Session Info'    
    Colin Clark Service Engineer See Picture Reference    
    Connectors, microphones Modification See Example Information    
    Costessey, New Costessey All Items Find      
    Count Lorenzo Musician See Picture Session Info' Session Pic' 12 See Lorenzo Bedini
    Cringleford, Youth Centre Recording Venue   Session Info' Ref' 1, 2  
    Crown, stereo pre-amplifier DC 75     Circuit Diagram  
    Crown, stereo pre-amplifier IC 150 Stereo Console See Picture   Circuit Diagram  
    Crown, later known as Amcron Amcron Find      
    Crystal, Quartz Crystal Unit JCF/193 See Picture      
    Cutting sound with light Article - circa 1977 Find      

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